MacKenzie McFarlin - AHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

By Jacqui Pollard

July 3, 2012

MacKenzie McFarlin - AHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

Last week we had our first class of 2013 senior representative from Ashland High School. When MacKenzie McFarlin arrived at our studio last Wednesday morning with a variety of outfits for her shoot and a ready and excited to go attitude, I knew a successful shoot was in our future. MacKenzie was a natural in front of the camera, which made her an optimal subject. My favorite part of her shoot was going to her beautiful home for some outdoor shots. It was so peaceful and secluded out there, I think we could have spent the entire day out there enjoying the serenity of it all!

As MacKenzie enters her senior year at Ashland High School she is most looking forward to the memories that will be created with all of her friends, teachers, and teammates. Her favorite pastime is playing volleyball, because she enjoys the competition, teamwork, and skills that are involved with the sport. If she could learn to do anything, she'd learn to be a good pianist. In her spare time, MacKenzie likes to relax by hanging out with her friends and getting ice cream. After high school, she plans on attending a 4-year college, playing volleyball, and getting a degree in dietetics or early childhood education. Her dream job would be working with children and advising them to make better nutritional choices. If the world were to actually end this year, MacKenzie would enjoy her time with family and friends as much as possible and play volleyball at Penn State. The most important thing she's learned in her life thus far is her faith and to trust in God no matter what.

This volleyball playing fanatic has quite a good head on her shoulders!

MacKenzie - we truly enjoyed taking your senior portraits last week! We wish you all the best as you enter your senior year and especially wish you a successful volleyball season.

For a sneak peek at some of MacKenzie's photos and some behind the scenes shots, watch her video below.

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