Paige Deal - LHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

By Jacqui Pollard

June 27, 2012

Paige Deal - LHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from Paige Deal of Lucas High School, another one of our senior representatives. Both Paige and her mom were fired up for Paige's senior photo shoot, so I immediately knew it was going to be a successful and fun shoot. Paige may look like one fierce chick you wouldn't want to mess with in the photo above, but her warm smile and inviting personality made her the ideal subject.

As you can probably guess, Paige's favorite sport is softball. She's played it ever since she could pick up a bat and ball. As she embarks on her senior year at Lucas, she is most looking forward to spending the year with all the people she's grown up with. She's also looking forward to a successful final softball season. After high school, she plans on going to college for four years to possibly study business management. She also plans to continue her softball career. Her dream job would be a mixture of helping animals, helping and being with younger children, and helping those who are less fortunate. She says the most important thing she's learned in her life thus far is that if you work hard and have dedication, you will succeed and achieve your goals.

Doesn't she just sound wonderful?

Paige - we had a blast working with you yesterday and hope your senior year is filled with joy. Good luck with your final softball season! We look forward to taking more action shots of you.

For a sneak peek at some of Paige's photos and some behind the scenes shots, watch her video below.

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