Nick Swainhart - LHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

By Jacqui Pollard

June 25, 2012

Nick Swainhart - LHS Class of 2013 Senior Rep

We had our first class of 2013 senior shoot today with Nick Swainhart from Lucas High School. Nick also happens to be one of our senior representatives. Nick was carefully selected by us to represent our studio, and after working with him, we know we made the right choice! With his somewhat reserved but laid-back demeanor, Nick was a breeze to work with today. My favorite shots that John captured were of Nick with his sweet ride - a red 1996 Chevy Camaro.

Nick enjoys participating in sports and is especially looking forward to his final football season at Lucas High School. In his spare time, he enjoys working out (he can bench 300lbs!). Nick plans on attending college once he graduates from high school. Nick says that if he knew the world was actually ending in 2012, he'd spend as much time with his loved ones as possible.

Nick - we're excited to have you representing us, and we wish you the best of luck during your football season this year! Thanks for a fun shoot today!

For a sneak peek at some of Nick's photos and some behind the scenes shots, watch his video below.

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