Mascot Day with the United Way

By Jacqui Pollard

June 15, 2012

Mascot Day with the United Way

A walking pineapple, a larger than life sheriff patrolman, and mice handing out candy. These sound like characters out of a children's novel, but at the United Way of Ashland County's Fun, Fabulous Friday it was Mascot Day! As I entered the United Way's office, I witnessed a cheetah helping a pineapple, the Kool-Aid Man walking about, and a very friendly looking crocodile getting zipped up in costume.

Before long, it was time to line up for the mascot parade. As I made my way outside, I saw a furry, purple fellow walking down Main Street toward me. It was none other than the famous Indians mascot, Slider! There were hoots and hollers from cars driving by, which only intensified the excitement in the air as the line of colorful creatures began to make their way across the street toward the Corner Park. One by one each mascot had its turn in the spotlight as Matt Underwood gave the play-by-play to the audience.

After the parade and a group shot, it was time to boogie! The mascots and children danced to the YMCA, flapped their arms to the chicken dance, and turned themselves around to the hokey pokey. As I left the first Fun, Fabulous Friday of the year, I had a smile plastered across my face. There was no way anyone could go to Mascot Day and leave without feeling a little more pep in their step after having so much fun.

Did you miss this week's Fun, Fabulous Friday? Never fear, because there is more fun to be had all through this summer. You can view the entire Fun, Fabulous Friday schedule here. Maybe we'll see you at the next one!

United Way of Ashland County Mascot Day 2012

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