Lincoln's Cream of the Crop

By Jacqui Pollard

May 17, 2012

Lincoln's Cream of the Crop

Earlier this week I ventured over to visit our friends at Lincoln Elementary School. I had a very special and important assignment on my hands. It was my duty that Tuesday afternoon to capture a photo of Lincoln's finest - the students of the month from the entire 2011-2012 school year!

As I finished setting up my equipment in the cafeteria, I heard Mrs. Crone's voice come over the PA system asking that all students of the month report to have their group photo taken. Within seconds, the cafeteria began to fill. Forty, fifty, nearly sixty students arrived to be photographed!

Each waited patiently for me to begin arranging them into a formation on the risers. With the final row seated in front, it was time for the students of the month to shine in front of the camera. As I took their photo, I felt fortunate to be able to work with such an exemplary group of students.

It was with a pang of sadness that I left Lincoln Elementary School that day knowing that next school year its doors would be closed. Doing work with the students and staff of Lincoln Elementary has been a truly enjoyable experience. From field trips to OARDC and Shiloh Farm to afternoon tea with Mrs. Ohio and from the Lincoln Super Bowl to Spring portraits, the past year has been a memorable one. Thank you to the staff and students of Lincoln Elementary for allowing us to be a part of your final year.

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