Montgomery Students Ready for Their Close Up

By Jacqui Pollard

April 12, 2012

Montgomery Students Ready for Their Close Up

It was no ordinary day today for our friends at Montgomery Elementary School. It was Spring Portraits Day! As we arrived bright and early, three lovely young ladies, Reanna, Ellie, and Megan, were eager to help us get our vibrant green backgrounds set up for our shoot. As we unrolled the green screens together, I briefly explained to them how the green would later be replaced with a background of their choosing.

After we finished getting everything set up, the students began to file into the gymnasium. Some of the students seemed a little apprehensive while others were already perfecting their smiles for their close up. As the students made their way over to get their photos taken, Shelley took great care in ensuring that any and all gunk was wiped from their sweet little faces and that each hair was in its rightful place. With a final look in the mirror to confirm their camera readiness, it was show time!

Working with each student to get the right pose and that perfect expression can be challenging at times but is ultimately rewarding when I know I got the shot. Sometimes we have to enlist the help of a willing teacher to be extra silly to get a smile we know Mom will love. And, of course, students have to get a high-5 for a job well done before they return to their classroom.

We always enjoy doing work inside the local schools. Maybe it's because it reminds us of what it was like when we were a kid or perhaps it's because we get to have a lot of fun working with the students. No matter the reason, we are always thankful for the opportunity to work with the lively (and sometimes silly) youth of our area.

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