Mapleton Elementary's 100th

By Jacqui Pollard

February 1, 2012

Mapleton Elementary's 100th

We're going to take a trip to the past for a moment. Think back to a time when life was simpler and when there were less responsibilities to fuss over on a daily basis. It was during this time that your biggest task of the day was waking up in the morning, making sure your socks matched and your shirt wasn't on backwards, when finger painting and listening to fantastic stories while sitting on your square of carpet next to your best buddy was the highlight of your day, and when jumping off the bus and running home to a snack from mom was the perfect way to wind down at the end of your tiring day of filling your brain to the brim with new knowledge.

This moment of time I'm talking about is from the beloved kindergarten years. As you think back to those days, put yourself in the mindset of a kindergarten kiddo. There were some daunting subjects that had be learned. Tying your shoes, coloring inside the lines, and even counting to 100 were very tough! As you progressed in school though, thanks to the help of family, friends, and of course your dedicated teachers and staff at your schools, you were able to overcome those tough subjects.

Today at Mapleton Elementary, the kindergarteners celebrated their 100th day of school. Some may not know how to tie their shoes or count to 100, and I swear I saw a couple mismatched socks or two, but they are well on their way to becoming an integral part of their esteemed school at Mapleton. We at Maurer Photography want to wish the kindergarten students of Mapleton Elementary a very happy 100th day of school and wish them an even better 100 and then some.

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