Personality On Paper

By Jacqui Pollard

January 24, 2012

Personality On Paper

One of the many joys of being a photographer is getting to work with a wide variety of people. At Maurer Photography, we've worked with individuals from all walks of life from itty bitty children to seniors in high school, from professionals in the area and around the world to highly public figures such as Mitt Romney and John Boehner. Every single day can bring a fresh perspective or an interesting life story.

One of the most exciting moments as a photographer is capturing the essence of your subject in an image. Every portrait that is taken has some sort of purpose. Whether it be to portray a professional as such or perhaps a happy child in a classroom at a local school or maybe even a violinist whose passion in life is music, each of these portraits give the viewer a small glimpse into what makes that person who they are.

This is where creativity can come into play. Take the violinist for example. It would be easy to just snap a photo of her rehearsing with her music, but why do that when you can throw some wind in her hair and have her playing her beloved violin furiously while it bursts in to flames? That sort of drama may not be appropriate for every portrait, but the boundaries of our creativity only lies within our imagination. 

That moment when you capture someone's true personality - that is when you have succeeded.

“It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness.” -Paul Strand

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