Feeling Festive at Lincoln

By Jacqui Pollard

October 28, 2011

Feeling Festive at Lincoln

Today, I had the opportunity to visit our friends at Lincoln. It was a fun and festive Friday filled with football and Halloween costumes - two of my fall favorites.

For the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students, this afternoon was serious business. As the rest of the school sat on the sidelines waiting with excitement and anticipiation, the older students prepared for the big one: the Super Bowl. The Redskins were the clear favorite for the match up as yells of "Here we go, Redskins! Here we go!" filled the playground yard. Despite the cheers for the Redskins, the Browns gave a valiant effort from start to finish. In the end, the crowd's favorite claimed the Super Bowl as theirs with a victory of 49-21 over the Browns. As they exited the playground, both teams walked away with their heads held high.

As I sat on the playground after the game, I awaited the next festive activity when suddenly they appeared. Batman! Snow White! Ghosts and goblins galore! The students of Lincoln had been transformed into superheros, witches, princesses, and all sorts of ghoulish creatures. As the students paraded around the playground and admired each other's costumes, it was evident to me on this perfect fall day at the end of October that this time of year is truly beautiful. For its youthful festivities, for its vibrant, flaming colored trees, and for its sense of nostalgia for those childhood years, autumn is the perfect time of year.

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